We commit to providing safe and supportive environments which nurture the wellbeing of all students and staff in our community, and hold firmly to the belief that they have a right to be safe, respected and valued in an inclusive environment. We know that when students are happy, they are more engaged with their learning.

Schools benefit from wellbeing initiatives and pastoral care support through Sydney Catholic Schools – in areas such as anti-bullying, positive behaviour, student counselling, refugee support and child protection – which range from universal support for all students, to targeted interventions for students with complex social and emotional needs.

Just as we emphasise academic learning, we also understand the importance of social and emotional learning; this underpins all that we do. We strive to nourish the wellbeing of all the dimensions of our students, including their emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual dimensions. Our focus on wellbeing encompasses nurturing the self, giving to others, and building and celebrating community at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School Clifton Gardens.

We have implemented a variety of wellbeing programs, including: Mindfulness, Greatfulness, BounceBack – Resilience, Buddies, Anti-Bullying policy and practice and Peer Support groups. Learn, Love, Live student awards are presented weekly to students who support the wellbeing of other students. A school counsellor also supports our students.

Our school utilises the National Safe Schools Framework. We value our partnership with parents in supporting their children’s mental health and wellbeing. We launched SchoolTV to support our parents with credible information and strategies. 

Anti-bullying policy

Sydney Catholic Schools rejects all forms of bullying behaviours, including online (or cyber) bullying, by maintaining a commitment to providing safe, inclusive and respectful learning communities that promote student wellbeing for learning. Staff at Sydney Catholic Schools are committed to employing wellbeing strategies that allow for a healthy school environment where bullying is less likely to occur.

If your child is experiencing bullying of any kind, or you have a wellbeing concern, we have a number of support services available for parents/carers and students, as listed below.

Support services: