students working on their laptopsChildren at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School Clifton Gardens have been spending Friday lunchtimes with some new forward thinking friends.

The school’s robotics club invites students to work together in groups of four or five to create and control robots, learning skills like teamwork and coding as they build. 

Block coding and other advanced techniques allow children to control the robots as they dance, move through a maze, respond to physical movements and more. Completed robots take many shapes, and student favourites resembled snakes and dogs.

Year 2 students Emma, Grace and their friends said they enjoy that the club offers them access to a variety of materials and tasks different from those available in the classroom.  

‘I decided to do it because it’s all about teamwork,’ said Emma, ‘In class you do separate things, but you learn in robotics that it’s easy to work together and learn how to sort out complicated things.’

‘I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up,’ said Grace ‘but I really enjoy building robots. It’s really fun to work with your friends to build and program it together, so then you can watch it do all this cool stuff.’